Whinstone Primary is a very inclusive school – we believe that every child deserves the best possible education from their own unique starting point. We believe in the importance of appropriate educational provision for pupils of all abilities, and try very hard to ensure that we cater for all children’s needs.

Providing a high-quality education for children with SEND is at the heart of our school’s ethos of inclusion. We recognise that pupils are all different and do not have the same starting point or challenges. However, we strive to give pupils the support needed to make them all equal, and make them “different but can be the same”!

Our School SENCO is Miss Amanda McNaughton.

Our governor with responsibility of SEND is Mrs Linda Bashford.

Classes are made up of mixed ability pupils, including pupils with Special Educational Needs (SEN). Our school is an inclusive setting where the needs of pupils with SEN are met, with pupil views highly valued to ensure every child has the opportunity to experience a broad and balanced curriculum.

We ensure that:

  • Are offered an education, which provides equal opportunities regardless of individual differences
  • Have access to a broad and balanced curriculum, including National Curriculum differentiated according to individual needs
  • Are assessed using suitable materials and with support from external agencies
  • Are supported with the resources available and provided within the school
  • Have the right, either directly or through their parents, to express a preference in relation to their educational needs and provision
  • Have their needs reviewed, monitored and evaluated using the Assess, Plan, Do, Review

The range of pupils with SEN within our school includes pupils with communication and language interaction, cognition and learning, social emotional and mental health difficulties and also pupils with sensory and physical needs.

Please see the  Whinstone SEN information report and SEN policy for more information regarding the school’s approach to supporting children with SEND. The purpose of the SEN Information Report is to inform parents and carers about:

  • how we support their children with special educational needs in all aspects of school life and remove barriers to achievement;
  • how we work in close partnership with parents/carers and children;
  • how we make effective provision for all of our children with special educational needs and disabilities – SEN

You can contact Miss McNaughton through the school office on 01642 750318. Miss McNaughton will get back to you at her earliest convenience. If your concern is urgent, please specify this when you telephone our school office.

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SEN Newsletter Summer 2021