Children should arrive at school no earlier than 8.50am, when the doors open. We are unable to supervise children before this time and therefore we cannot be held responsible for their safety. All children should be ready to start work in their classrooms by 9.00am. Children arriving after the close of registration at 9.05am will be marked late. Children who are late will miss important aspects of their education and also will disrupt the work of others because of their late arrival. At 9.10am registers are closed, if a child arrives after this time they will receive a mark in the register to show they are on site, but this will not count as a present mark and it will be classed as an unauthorised absence. A member of staff from our school office will contact parents of those children absent without explanation and the Local Authority Attendance Officer will be asked to take action when children are not accounted for or are regularly late.

If your child will be absent from school for any reason, would you please inform school by calling into the office or by telephoning 01642 750318 or by email:

It is the responsibility of parents that children attend school every day and that they arrive on time unless there are exceptional circumstances.

We are proud of the high attendance rates of our children, attendance rates at our school for 2018 were:

Attendance 96.4% (National 95.8%)
Persistent Absence: 5.4% (National 8.7%)
(Persistent Absence is classed as missing 10% of sessions or more)