Welcome to Whinstone Primary School

Children get one chance with their education and at Whinstone we want this to be the best. There is a driving determination to ensure that pupils reach their full potential by providing a happy, caring, stimulating and creative environment.

We see the education of our children as a partnership between home and school. By working together we hope to give children the chance to develop their talents in an atmosphere which fosters tolerance, independence, good behaviour and, above all, a positive attitude towards learning and a drive for excellence with high achievement.

Whinstone became part of ‘Vision Academy Learning Trust’ in December 2017. To learn more about the Trust, please click here.

We have a lot to be proud about at Whinstone. Our staff are a committed, forward looking, energetic team who work relentlessly to ensure ours is a highly effective school where all children receive the best education possible.

Over recent years, Whinstone has seen some exciting and dramatic changes to the building. A large part of our existing building has been revamped and developed into more spacious classrooms, providing a more attractive environment for learning. This provided the school with six new classrooms, an invaluable extra school Hall and an exciting multimedia ICT suite.

Having read about our school, may I warmly invite you to contact us by email, phone or visit to see us in action. Our staff will be pleased to answer any further questions you may have and our children will be delighted to show you around!

Mr M. Poppitt

Mr M. Poppitt

Head Teacher