ECO- Ideas for future development:

  • We are planning on making more habitats for birds in the garden by building bird boxes.
  • We will have computer/light monitors to turn off each night and save energy.
  • The Eco children will give assembly’s educating the children in all things Eco for School and home.
  • We are hopefully going to hold a day of ‘grown ups growing day’ where the parents of the community help to plant and clear the wildlife area together as a school.
  • Rubbish collectors as a whole school.
  • Children want to create their own Eco code for the whole school.
  • Hopefully will use the produce that they grow in cookery club or sell to adults.
  • Each week we will have a certificate for KS1/2 on the Eco classroom award. Teachers who have switched lights off, IWB, Computers, blinds closed and paper bins been used. Eco kids will monitor this.